Women are the worst bullies of women at work, reports show

[Joshua Kahn, Work Relationships  News Contributor]

MailOnline: In the world of business, females can be seen in senior positions more and more frequently.  Still heavily outnumbered by men and having to prove themselves before them on a daily basis, women, it would seem, should be keen to ‘help their junior sisters out’.

However, according to a recent Mail Online report, having a female boss is more likely to end up in a disaster than in an opportunity for women. Why? Because where money is an issue the gloves typically are taken off.

According to a US Workplace Bullying Institute study in 2003, 58 per cent of American female workers were found to be bullies as opposed to 42 per cent men. In 87 per cent of cases, women had bullied women. Isolating the victim, making her feel worthless during  face-to-face encounters and in front of other employees, giving impossible tasks as well as telling outward lies and making snide remarks, were proven to be the wide-spread bullying methods of women ‘managers’. Mostly the victims had resigned themselves. However, such treatment was reported to have led to even graver consequences as in around 11 per cent of the cases it resulted in victims getting ulcers and heart problems, including heart attacks.

Female bullies were found to be more vicious, as well: 74 per cent women as opposed to 62 per cent men were responsible for more anxiety and graver health problems of the victims.

However, in a surprising turn of event, last year, it was a female boss who had found herself being bullied by a junior.

Trial: Caroline Cowper during the case against Robert Hendy-Freegard, in 2005MailOnline: In mid-2010, Caroline Cowper (pictured left) had launched a compensation claim in the sum of £800,000 against her employers claiming that she had been  bullied from her £150,000 a year job by her female junior.  She is claiming that her junior colleague, Ms.Pearl Lestrade-Brown, whom she had supervised, was allowed by the company to bully her which had led her to have a mental breakdown.
How to combat bullying at work

So if your boss, or junior colleague is bullying you, here is how you can tackle the problem: a) speak openly to the management; b) if that doesn’t work – cross your bully publicly, make her feel what it is like to be on the other side; c) but if that fails too, you could try throwing in the towel. But if you decide to resign, do seek legal advice as it will be possible for you to sue your employer quite easily and get compensation (especially if you are in the US, or UK).

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One Comment to “Women are the worst bullies of women at work, reports show”

  1. Wow, mind opening post you got. Mean girls don’t just exist in schools alone, they even exist in workplaces and within one’s social circle. Women who bully are no better than criminals.

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