April 7th – 9th 2011, jazz is exploding in Russia

[Helena Perez, Musical Events Contributor]

RT.COM: Billed to be one of the hottest musical extravaganzas in Russia this year, the music festival, LeJazz kicks off in the country for the seventh time on April 7th at Philharmonic Shostakovich in St. Petersburg, and then continues on to Moscow on April 8th at the Palace on the Yauza and April 9th at the 16 tons club. Ticket enquiries can be made to:  (don’t forget the country code) 644 22 22, 258 00 00.

­Performing artists include clarinetist David Krakauer who has demonstrated his artistry already in The Kronos Quartet and Tokyo String Quartet.  He will be a guest soloist of other bands as well as his own band, Klezmer Madness.  Attendees will be treated to exquisite renditions in the style of jazz, rock, funk and hip-hop.

China Moses, the daughter of the one and only Dee Dee Bridgewater and  filmmaker Gilbert Moses will be performing also.  China has been a jazz singer from early childhood and has diversified to the genres of rap, R’n’B and was a news anchor with MTV recently.  China is promised to be the one to watch!   Also performing will be the group “Les doigts de l’homme” which was established in 2002 by Olivier Kikteff, a self-taught guitarist wonderfully addicted to a wide array of musical genres. His band has recorded five albums and toured more than half of Europe.

It is rumoured that the Caribbean star, Julie Mourillon, the creator of the new sound craze, Cadence-lypso, which is igniting the Caribbean, French and niche European music scenes will also be starring at the event although this is yet be confirmed by the organizers.

Cadence-lypso is a  fusion of Dominican and Caribbean/ Latino rhythms and has totally revolutionized the music scene in its genre and is now the main dance music of Dominica, Martinique, Guadeloupe and other French Creole Caribbean islands.

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