Microsoft sues Google

[Lauren Stalford, Technology Contributor]

GMA News: Software giant, Microsoft, which had been in trouble with the European Union (‘EU’) for monopolistic strategies, is taking all that out on Google in the EU now, which it is accusing of ‘search biasing’.

Analysts are saying that the timing for the lawsuit is to do with Microsoft’s difficulty in improving its market share despite its huge and expensive efforts to popularize  the Bing search engine, which it owns. Development work for Bing is reputed to have cost it over 1 billion USD.

However, that Google is agressively ‘optimising’ its search results, it may have a case according to Mike Davis of Ovum who explains that 97 % of Google’s income is from Internet advertising. He says though that Microsoft has been doing the same thing with Bing which he suggests merely replicates search results on Google.  According to him, despite an EU ruling on the case, the war between the rivals is set to go on.


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