‘Pleading the fifth’ gains a new concept as woman in parking error drives off fifth floor

[Tom Higgins, Australia Contributor]

MailOnline: A woman driver, in the mother of all parking mishaps, drove her car off the fifth floor of a Melbourne multi-storey car park.

The woman and car fell some 50ft from the side of the car park hitting the top of a nearby house on the way down and finally ended up in a side alley. The car did not survive the fall well, but the woman was fine with only a cut to her head.  It is not known whether she had a seat belt on, or whether the car’s airbags had helped her to escape serious injury.

The woman was rescued by firemen who had to cut her out from the car. She has now been released from hospital and no explanation has been presented for the cause of the accident. The woman remains unnamed.


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