UK troubled by rise of far-right groups

MailOnline: The far-right racist organisation, English Defence League (‘EDL’) was out in force yesterday in the British town of Blackburn which has a high Asian population.  Their members were protesting against the alleged spread of Sharia law and militant Islamism.

The protestors, numbering around 2, 000, brought the town to a halt as fighting broke out among themselves and as a result of police activities to keep them apart from a counter-demonstration taking place at the same time by the group Unite Against Fascism.

The English Defence League (‘EDL’) was formed from the “United Peoples of Luton“,  a grouping of far-right British extremists which was established as a response to the 2009 protests against British troops returning from the Afgan war. EDL has around 2000 active supporters and are linked to other far-right organisations throughout Europe.

[Politics Contributor]


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