The Internet age – a few clicks of a mouse and your life is changed permanently

MailOnline: A week ago, Jenni Palmer was an ordinary primary school teacher leading the life of the normal, 24-year-old, party-going girl in Fulham, London. She had shared a house with the ex-boyfriend, Harry Fildes and a friend. Now, as a result of email exchanges giving details of her encounters with her ex-boyfriend, she is an Internet sensation as a ‘hot girl and her career is practically ruined.

The problem for Ms. Palmer started when Mr Fildes’s email to his friend Sebastian Marsh describing her as ‘hot’, but had ‘messed a number of people around’, was shared with millions on the Internet.

He had accidentally copied the email to Ms. Palmer who was reported shocked.  Mr. Fildes, a property surveyor, had additionally told Mr. Marsh to ‘have a crack’ at Jenni, but then Mr. Marsh then passed the email onto his friends as he had thought it amusing that Mr. Fildes had accidentally copied such a email to Ms. Palmer.

Photos of Ms. Palmer have since appeared on the Internet showing her in lascivious situations which have compounded her situation.

Since the event broke, Mr. Fildes has been suspended from this job and Mr. Marsh has been dismissed from his.

[UK Celebrity News Contributor]

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