Afghans behead UN staff

Guardian: Seven foreign members of the UN mission in Afghanistan at Mazar-e-Sharif in the northern part of the country have been killed after angry Afghans attacked the UN compound there.

The killings, which involved the beheading of at least two of the UN members, apparently took place when protesters incensed by setting on fire of a Qur’an by protestors in America.

Among the dead were: ex-Gurkhas engaged as security guards; Lieutenant Colonel Siki Skare, a woman pilot; Joakin Dungel, 33, a Swede and a Romanian. Two were reported to have been executed by beheading.

[Middle East Contributor]


One Comment to “Afghans behead UN staff”

  1. The Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) representing 57 Islamic States in the UN must bear a very heavy rresponsibility for this outrage. The Pakistani delegate at the Human Rights Council two weeks ago, speaking on behalf of the OIC, was allowed an unprecedented eight minutes(instead of the allocated three) to protest about this burning of one copy of the Koran. His inlamatory rhetoric would have been understandable had thousands of innocent civilians just been killed in a terrorist attack. His intention was clearly to escalate a stupid act by one American nut-case into a full-blown international incident, exactly as they had done over the Danish cartoons. It was significant that in his eight minute diatribe he made no mention of the 200 Bibles that had been seized and burnt by the Iranian authorities just two weeks before.

    As ever the followers of the religion of peace acted as the OIC knew they would, with street protests, the burning and ransacking of buildings, and the beheading of people who had absolutely no part in the affair. It was enough that these innocent victims, among them Nepalese UN peacekeepers, were not Muslims.

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