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March 31, 2011

And finally – burying the Fukushima reactors seems the only sensible course of action

[Michael Nitta, Japan Nuclear Disaster News Contributor]
MSNBC.NEWS: The photo shows a high-capacity cement pump being loaded on a plane in Stuttgart in Germany last Thursday. The pump is being despatched to assist in cooling and burying the troubled reactors at the Fukushima plant in Japan.
High-capacity pumps are being flown-in from all over the world as Japan fights to contain its biggest ever nuclear disaster.
Analysts are saying that as the reactors are leaking badly into the environment, there is only one thing left to do – bury the plant and hope that it will stop the radiation from further leakage, although this cannot be guaranteed.
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March 31, 2011

Libyan Regime on the run – to Britain

[Tom Atkins, Middle East & Africa News Contributor]

Mail Online: Rebels are rejoicing as their efforts appear to be forcing the Gaddafi‘s inner circle to leave in droves into the arms of the waiting British security services.

British assets in the region have more, or less confirmed that following the well-publicized defecting of Libya‘s Minister Musa Kusa, at least two of the Colonel‘s senior ministers are now in Tunis discussing a ‘bailout’ package with British and French intelligence officers.

It also seems that the Colonel’s head of intelligence and minister for Europe has already packed bags and is on his way out of the troubled country.  Others defecting are:  up to seven other ministers, diplomats and officials who are now in Tunisia; Ali al-Treiki, Gaddafi’s minister for Africa and Tarek Khalid Ibrahim, the deputy head of mission in London.