Online Arbitration and Mediation – slow justice gets faster!

Worried about when your case will be heard by a court, how long the trial will take and what happens if the other side appeals? Well,  worry no more as if your case is a commercial one it can be heard and decided with no appeal allowed 100% online via an online arbitration court such as Online International Arbitration Court .

OIAC decides its cases by 100% online/ written submissions only. This means that the huge costs of personal attendance of the parties, their representatives and witnesses are avoided. It is regulated by the laws of Wyoming, USA and the New York Convention for the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards.

The court, provides arbitration in jurisdictions covered by the New York Convention which includes the Caribbean area and in that regard its judgments are enforceable worldwide. In addition, where the parties agree, OIAC can offer mediation as an alternative to litigation.

OIAC is staffed by registered arbitrators and promised to provide a  fast and efficient process for dispute resolution. Its website is: and it encourages applications from professionals who wish to join the court as registered arbitrators and mediators.

[Law & Courts Contributor]


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