United Kingdom’s Rape of Latvia

The Latvian timber sector is vital to its economic survival. However, the exploitation of its trees by the United Kingdom’s timber industry is proving fatal to the country’s economic and biological health.

The timber industry represents more than a third of Latvia‘s exports and earned Latvia around one billion euros last year. In that regard, Latvia’s timber export can be compared with Sweden’s and Austria‘s both in size and value.   With the UK as its most significant market to the tune of some EUR 400 million annually, eighty percent of Latvia’s trees are felled for other EU member states. Sawn timber is more than 90% of exported volume.

Whilst this is all good news for this nation struggling for survival in hard times, the European Union’s turning a blind eye to laws that prevent the exploitation of forests in member states coupled with the greed of UK and Latvian merchants are moving to reduce Latvia to a ghost nation in few years time bereft of its main source of income – timber exports.

A recent Aljazeera report outlines the dangers for this fragile state and asks the question of the EU and UK governments – why are you letting this happen?? Click on the picture to view the video.

[Andris Versenko, Baltics Contributor]


4 Responses to “United Kingdom’s Rape of Latvia”

  1. I agree it is a pity that this should happen to Latvia. But, why am I the only Latvian commenting here? They just don’t care about anything, only themselves and they have only themselves to blame when they get ripped off and everyone suffers. Don’t feel sorry for Latvia, they have had it coming. A doomed country for doomed people. I live in Moscow now, so Latvia, go to hell!


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