Video shows UK’s Bobby Roberts Super Circus beating chained elephant

[Patricia Clarque, Animal Care News Contributor] A shocking video is serving as a fatal condemnation of the lack of care in Britain’s circuses which promotes situations that allow cruelty against the helpless animals that give their owners a good living.

To see the video, please click on the photo. However, please be warned that his video is shocking and for some it will be quite disturbing.

The secret video, taken by Animal Defenders International (ADI), shows a 57-year-old Asian elephant being hit  with a pitchfork by an attendant and being kicked several times whilst harnessed with chains at the Bobby Roberts Super Circus in England.  Although the circus’ owner says that the incident is an ‘isolated’ one, the video shows the depraved actions taking place whilst the owner apparently watches on.

UK police have started a joint investigation with the country’s Royal Society for the Protection of Animals (‘RSPCA‘) and ADI is requesting that the elephant, called Annie, to be taken from the custody of the Bobby Roberts Super Circus.

ADI says the video was shot between 21 January and 15 February in a barn in Polebrook, Nothamptonshire.


2 Comments to “Video shows UK’s Bobby Roberts Super Circus beating chained elephant”

  1. Poor animal, so said!

  2. You are crazy sick people, you deserve to die. I will beat you guys with chains and a pitchfork. You will definetly like it, because your to crazy to have a heart. I’am sorry for your wives and children because they wish they where never born. I hope one day your are sorry for what you did. You like pain, why did you jump for a train, the world looks more beautiful…this poor animal, it can defense herself, try again and unchain Anna. Your feel like winners because you are so strong, whooee me too when a shoot a tiger!! No people your a garbage and you will never be more than that, because your losers for ever, you where born that way, and i think your mothers are happy when your dead because she give birth to the lowwest class of the world. I hope one day you have regret for what you did and hope your never was born.

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