Radioactivity is not all that bad for us, says Oxford nuclear medicine expert

[Robert Cassa, Nuclear Energy News Contributor]
BBC News reports that according to Wade Allison, a nuclear and medical physicist at the University of Oxford, there is far too much negative hype around about the dangers of radiation.
The expert says that whilst nuclear radiation is dangerous when levels are quite elevated, the majority of emissions do not cause life-threatening events.  He goes on to say that nuclear technology heals many cancer patients on a day, by day basis and each radiation dose for the cure in hospitals is similar to doses received by us in the environment.
He points out that in the Three Mile Island event, no known deaths have been reported. Even in Chernobyl, according to the most recent UN report of 28th February, only around 43 deaths have been confirmed most of which would have been avoided if iodine tablets had been taken as is now being done in Japan.
Wade points out that we all worry far too much about radiation because it is invisible to us.  But we should not worry too much, as recent research has found that our cells can replace and heal themselves in many ways to rid themselves of the effects of radiation dosages.  However, where our cells are overloaded, they will fail – for example dosages of over 4,000 mSv will cause death.


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