Libya decends into chaos whilst Libyan oil still pumps out to coalition forces countries

[Austin Kilroy, Middle East and Africa Contributor]

Attacks and counter attacks, wins and counter wins in the ongoing war involving the Libyan rebels and the incumbent regime is causing Libya to decend into one of world’s most troubled ‘conflict zones’.

The ongoing saga is well-updated by Huffington Post and access to the stories can be gained by clicking on the photo above.

The fighting in Libya is compounded by the involvement of western coalition forces which although assisting the rebels with air strikes, are refusing to arm them although the Libyan regime was previously armed by the same coalition forces countries who are now rallying to the defence of the rebels.

Coincidentally, despite the conflicts in the country, Libyan oil is still flowing out by the barrels to the coalition forces countries.

No doubt , post conflict and on the assumption that the rebels win (although this is by no means certain), there will be an oil reward price to be paid by the rebels to the coalition forces countries which having armed the Libyan regime to enable it to attack and kill its people so effectively, will certainly wish to be rewarded for their role in ‘defending the Libyan people’ once the conflict is over.

Last week, Der Spiegel reports that Dirk Niebel, a member of the German Free Democrats (FDP) partry on the TV program ‘Talkshow’, said that the coalition forces countries was were hypocrites. “It is notable that exactly those countries which are blithely dropping bombs in Libya are still drawing oil from Libya,” he said.


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