Is the Large Hadron Collider dangerous?

Ever since its inception, the Large Hadron Collider has been the object of controversy among scientists as well as ordinary people. That is because, it is widely hoped that the collider will help us to understand the origins of the Universe.

Some are expecting to gain the first insight into so far hypothetical particles, such as the Higgs boson which supposedly gives all the existing things mass, and Dark matter.

The Collider is probably the largest nuclear research project in modern times. Over 10,000 scientists from more than 100 states from universities and laboratories all over the world, have been working on its design and construction. Its building costs exceed 3 billion EUR.

On 10th September 2008, the project initiated proton rays which are supposed to collide (hence the name of the grid)  and a few days later the first collision took place.

So far due to technical reasons the device has been working on half-power, but it is planned to start it off at full speed in 2014.

Eventually particle collisions at an extraordinary speed – and the word ‘extraordinary’  is true, since the massive magnets can make the particles travel for up to 999.999 per cent the speed of light –  are expected to give us an insight into the existence of anti-matter, black holes, parallel dimensions and travel in time.

Is the Collider dangerous? Well, let’s wait and see.

[Technology Contributor]


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