Japan radiation scare – there is a cure now for lethal irradiation

The catastrophic events at Japan‘s nuclear facility in Fukushima has affecting the whole world as a result of the high levels of radioctive elements being emitted from the plant and being carried to countries thousands of miles from the country.

As a result, all over the world now, people are rightly frightened for their cancer risks as a result of the ensuing radiation contamination.  However, there is good news on the horizon.

According to a recent report of Israel News, medication exists that can cure even a lethal dose of radiation.

The astonishing discovery was made by a group of AmericanIsraeli scientists, led by Professor Gudkov, within a US and Israel governments’ financed research project on the impact of radiation on human health.

The idea behind the discovery was to make living cells protect themselves by stopping a natural cell self-destruction mechanism programmed in our DNA, which gets activated when cells are given an external signal.

The new drug substantially lowers the activity of the special cell proteins that send the signals that instruct the cell to die. Therefore, although no matter how large the radiation dose may be, the cells can continue to exist via this intervention.

The verification tests comprised irradiating several hundreds of animals with the highest dose of radiation sustained by humans so far:  up to the lethal amount got by many Chernobyl workers  in 1986.  Seventy percent of the irradiated animals died and those who survived got sick. However, most of those injected with the ‘protein stimulant’ survived, and, all the more,  remained  completely healthy.

Tests on humans without irradiating them have shown no side-effects so far, and, if  further testing  continues in the same promising way, it is possible that in a few years’ time the drug will launched in mass production.

[Health Contributor]


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