Fukushima plant workers irradiated – more, or less all will get cancer

According to a recent Guardian report, the Japanese authorities have finally come out with mildly optimistic news about their nuclear situation in the wake of the Fukushima plant disaster.

The spent fuel pools at reactor 4 have been filled with water again to keep the contamination spread at bay. Additionally, the electricity supply to reactors 1 and 2 has been restored. This means that the cooling systems at the besieged plant will hopefully soon be functional. However, nice that may be, the fuel rods are still damaged and in melt-down process which will severely hamper any efforts by workers to stem the radiation pouring out from the plant.

However, for the Fukushima firefighters and plant workers, the cost of this success may well turn out to be too high as Japan news agencies report that  radiation limits for the plant workers had been increased for up to 250 milisieverts (mSv), which is a way more than a human being usually gets in a year. Furthermore, those already irradiated were sent back to work  as they had showed no immediate signs of sickness.

According to World Nuclear Association data, with a dose of 100 mSv a year the risk of cancer increases substantially, which means that those who had been working up to the same and higher limits for around a week since the plant broke down are highly likely to get cancer in forthcoming times.

[Japan News Contributor]


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