‘Caught on canvass’ woman identified

MailOnline: Fiona Walker, now a 52-year-old mother of three has owned up to being the woman behind what was the world’s best-selling poster in the 1970’s.

The poster, ‘Caught on Canvass’, showing the ‘cheeky’ pose of a blonde woman on a sun-drenched tennis court of the 1970’s, was a must-have for any up and coming male teen.  Now, after 30 years of the poster woman’s anonymity, she has finanally identified herself to MailOnline.

“Court on Canvas” Fiona Walker is seen in the photo above posing alongside the 1976 Athena poster. Now married to a well-to-do businessman, she is happy about her anonymous stardom from which she had earned nothing.

At the time, she was an 18-year-old art student (then, Fiona Butler) and following a request from her boyfriend, Martin Elliott, who was an aspiring photographer, she had agreed to pose.  The sporting outfit had been borrowed and equipped with her dad’s white sports shoes, she and Elliott made the iconic image which achieved epic fame.

The photo was taken at what used to be Birmingham University courts at Edgbaston. Elliott earned around £250,000 in royalty payments and Athena retained the copyright.

[Arts and Fashion Contributor]


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