Japan nuclear disaster update – March 21 2011

BBC News: Japanese authorities have reported that electricity supply  is now operational at three reactors at the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant which had been destroyed by fire and explosions follow the March 11 earthquake.

As the cooling systems are still not in operation, it is reported that the situation ‘remains very serious’ (IAEA).  That is because the fuel rods in all reactors appear severely damaged and most are still spewing out poisonous radioactive clouds into the atmosphere.

During the electricity restoration work, reactor number 3 had blown out radioactive smoke and some workers had to be taken away.

The official death toll from the twin disaster  is now at 8,450. However, thousands remain missing and unaccounted for.  There are high levels of radiation in food and water around the plant and further afield which has now spread to Tokyo and the government is advising people, especially those near the plant, not to drink tap water.

[Asia Contributor]


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