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March 21, 2011

Japan nuclear disaster update – March 21 2011

BBC News: Japanese authorities have reported that electricity supply  is now operational at three reactors at the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant which had been destroyed by fire and explosions follow the March 11 earthquake.

As the cooling systems are still not in operation, it is reported that the situation ‘remains very serious’ (IAEA).  That is because the fuel rods in all reactors appear severely damaged and most are still spewing out poisonous radioactive clouds into the atmosphere.

During the electricity restoration work, reactor number 3 had blown out radioactive smoke and some workers had to be taken away.

The official death toll from the twin disaster  is now at 8,450. However, thousands remain missing and unaccounted for.  There are high levels of radiation in food and water around the plant and further afield which has now spread to Tokyo and the government is advising people, especially those near the plant, not to drink tap water.

[Asia Contributor]

March 21, 2011

USA, still the world’s greatest emerging market – a model for wealth creation

[Primary news source: Huffington Post]

Financiers and others looking to capitalise on the vast riches that successful investments  in emerging markets can bring, are scrabbling for the best venues in these troubled times. So which country is currently the greatest emerging market?  It is the USA it seems. Read on to find out why.

The USA‘s past three years were probably its worst in terms of its economy since the 1930’s depression. Its unemployment rate is still hovering at around 9%  and it has lost million of jobs during the current global financial crisis. In the same period an equivalent number and more employment opportunities have been created in India and China and whilst the USA’s economy was shrinking, China’s and India’s was growing fast. So how does the USA stack up as the best ‘emerging market‘ and current world model for wealth creation?

Huffington Post reports that according to Gregory Bedrosian, Co-Founder and CEO of Redwood Capital Group, an investments and merchant banking firm, the world’s greatest emerging market is not, China, India, Brazil, or Russia, but the USA.  According to him, that is because in all parts of the USA, more innovative, exciting and large business opportunities are being created than anywhere else on earth and in that regard, the country should be a prime target for investor’s and entrepreneurs.

According to Mr. Bedrosian, examples of the  enabling and invigorating base that America provides for its entrepreneurs can be found in Facebook which now links more than 500 million people all over the world and which was recently valued at $50 billion.  Again, he says, there is the recent re-invigorating of Apple which has enabled the company to bring about dramatic change to the music industry and mobile communications worldwide. Apple is now worth over $200 billion which much of that value being acquired over the past 2 to 3 years.  Then there is Twitter, another USA invention and now a worldwide dominant player in the social media field.  As no other country in the world in recent times has come close to being able to match the scale and speed of this kind of wealth creation, the USA seems to be the greatest emerging market around currently.

So what makes the USA flourish? Essentially it seems that two things drive its success  – culture and an investments- favourable capital market structure.  Americans instinctively tend to look at how things can be done as opposed to how they can’t. This kind of entrepreneurial spirit is an integral part of each and every American’s thinking and the country abounds with success and rags to riches stories, most of them it seems, true. This makes Americans more trusting of new ideas and new ways to do things than other cultures. It is this quality which make them virtually love start-ups. As a result, the country is awash with venture capital sources and has a robust and stable public capital markets base.

Mr. Bedrosian comments that in 2010, enabled by US venture capitalists, Americans invested more than $12 billion in over 3,000 start-ups making this kind of activity unparalleled anywhere else in the world.

[by Dr. Edward Lestrade, Economy & Investments Contributor]

March 21, 2011

Amazing hedge fund’s 25% net fees and 16.5% return in turbulent Europe

Whilst European Union economies are still registering hideous negative returns on investments, but Lucerne Capital Management, one of Europe‘s youngest hedge funds, is doing quite well, thank you very much!

Run by two Dutchmen and based in Westchester, NY, USA, the company has been achieving high returns trading European equities. The owners, Pietar Taselar and Thjis Hovers are ex-ABN Amro. Having got seed capital from the bank, they set up Lucerne in 2002 which has been outstandingly successful since then.

Last year the company went up to more than 25% net in fees and made an average return of 16.5% net since inception. At slightly more than US$200M in assets under its management, its marketing has been sparse and its staff minuscule with more, or less the two owners being the firm’s ‘chief cooks and bottle washers’. But that is how they like it apparently as they say that this structure keeps then free to act quickly and decisively in their client’s interests away from the bother of corporate politics.

The firm has focused on mid-cap equities listed in Europe exploiting weaknesses in markets that have not been the traditional stomping ground of its competitors. As ‘long-shotters’ the owners have a penchant for intense analysis and an appetite for risk when their convictions are high. Taselaar’s view is that as they focus on potential deals that show an 20% annualized return and a non-too-risky profile, they have done well as for the past ten years as mid-sized European stock has abounded with such deals.

International Times of Dominica salutes Thjis and Pieters – keep up the good work!

[Finance & Economy Contributor]

March 21, 2011

California attorneys Jay Adkisson and Chris Riser implicated in blackmail attempt upon Dr. Edward Lestrade and LLAGROUPEUROPE LLC

[News Source: Complaints Board]

It has been reported that a focused blackmail campaign and racist attack has been made upon Dr. Edward Lestrade and his firm LLAGROUPEUROPE by California attorneys Jay Adkisson and Chris Riser.

It seems that when the attorneys were uncovered by Dr. Lestrade to be pretending that one of them, Chris Riser, was licensed to practise as a UK solicitor, when he has never been licensed to do so, they set upon an intensive cyberbullying and racist campaign to discredit him and his firm and to get him to pay them to stop.

They have posted numerous comments about Dr. Lestrade and his firm on their site: Quatloos/ Quatloosia and on similar message boards which aim to discredit Dr. Lestrade and his firm. The comments range from saying that his qualifications are false and that his firm is ‘bogus’.

However, at the same time, their ‘reputation management associates have approached Dr. Lestrade and his companies demanding up to $30, 000 for the harassment to stop. Since then, we have been informed that attorneys have told Dr. Lestrade that he had better pay up, or their harassment will escalate and he will have to pay more money to get it to stop.

We have been informed that the FBI have been alerted and an investigation upon the two is in process.

Our news contributor contacted Mr. Adkisson for comments. Mr. Adkisson was asked why he and his partner had decided to mount this campaign against Dr. Lestrade and LLAGROUPEUROPE and whether it was race, or blackmail motivated.

Mr. Adkisson said: ” What we do against scumbags and Nigerian scammers like Dr. Lestrade is our business. We are attorneys licensed by the State of California and are in good standing. We can do what we like and there is nothing you, or he can do about it. We will continue until he does the right thing to stop us continuing”.

When he was asked what the ‘right thing’ was, he terminated the conversation. We can only assume that this refers to the demand from his associates that Dr. Lestrade pay the blackmail money.

In the meantime, we have checked out Dr. Lestrade and his firm LLAGROUPEUROPE and found:-


  • the company is properly set up and authorised by the state of Wyoming as a project funding, arbitration court and international law services company;
  • it operates mainly out of the USA via representing offices in various countries – mainly Europe;
  • its telephone lines are automated as it operates internationally, but messages are dealt with quickly and its clients have direct contact with responsible associates;
  • all its lawyers and legal counsel are professionally qualified;
  • it has managed multi-million dollar financings in the past as is able to do so via lending syndicates established with reputable financiers;
  • we have not found anyone who has paid any due diligence fees to the company and has failed to get a result;
  • OIAC – Online International Arbitration Court is  functioning as a 100% online arbitration court set up under the rules of the New York Convention and the laws of the USA and its judgments are recognisable in all contracting states (including the USA).

Dr. Edward Lestrade

If you are a victim of a blackmail, racist, or cyberbullying campaign by Jay Adkisson and/ or Chris Riser, please inform your local FBI office and do complain to the Bar of California where they are members. Alternatively, please send the information to International Times of Dominica which will circulate it to the proper authorities on your behalf.

[Cyberbullying & Race Contributor]