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March 20, 2011

A long war rages in Libya – in the meantime, Syria is going the way of Egypt

Huffington Post/AP: Libya – US and coalition warplanes assisted by Tomahawk cruise missiles are in action now in aid of the rebels in Libya. Air force B-2 stealth bombers have also been made operational, according to the US military. However, the incumbent Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, is pledging a “long war” against what he is describing as a colonialist attack upon Libyans.The entrenched Colonel has promised to arm every Libyan in the country to join him in his fight against the ‘international oppressors’.

So far, there have been murmurings of disapproval of the coalition attacks from the Arab league, Russia and China which is not surprising as  considering their positions, the attacks may well fuel uprisings in their own states which have democratic and human rights issues in play currently.

By the accounts of Libyan state TV, 48 people had perished from the US and coalition strikes and have effectively neutralized the Colonel Gaddafi’s military power against the rebels. Benghazi, the first city to be taken by the rebels, is now back under their control as a result of the coalition’s intervention.

Huffington Post: Syria: Meanwhile in Syria, thousands marched against their government for a third day running and so far five protesters have been killed. Experts are saying that this is a sure enough sign that another Arab country is well on the way to a full-scale rebellion.  The protestors are asking for democracy and the end of repression in their country as well as justice against those responsible for the killing of the 5 protestors.

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