Libya focus for the coalition whilst abuses continue elsewhere in Bahrain, Ivory Coast, Pakistan and Yemen

RT.Com: Whilst the Libyan regime continues to receive condemnation from the US and coalition forces for atrocities against the protestors and have capitulated to the UN vote which authorises (among other things) for the taking of “all necessary measures” to stop the colonel from decimating his fellow Libyans, the continuing state violence upon citizens in Bahrain, Yemen or elsewhere is ignored.

Recent events:-

  • US drone strike in Pakistan kills 40 civilians;
  • Yemen –  government forces fired on protestors killing at least 50;
  • Ivory Coast – 30 people were killed when the country’s leader authorised the bombing of a marketplace in the country’s capital;
  • Bahrain – despite UN condemnation of the state’s actions upon its people as: ‘shocking and illegal’, the US-backed royal family rulers, aided by troops from Saudi Arabia continue a violent crack-down on protestors. reports that according to Michel Chossudovsky, the director of the Center for Research on Globalization in Montréal, Canada: “They’ve (the USA) killed more than a million people in Iraq, they can’t tell us they’re coming to the rescue of civilians. It’s absolute nonsense….The situation in Bahrain is very very serious……There you have the [US Navy] Fifth Fleet and they didn’t intervene, they just let it happen“.

Mr. Chossudovsky says that the Gulf States work as a group with the West and as such are permitted human rights and other abuses by the US as a reward.  He says: “What world public opinion must understand is we are on verge of a fourth war theater in North Africa …………….“That means military intervention, and that means war and that means civilian casualties.”

[Middle East & Africa Contributor]


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