Gaddaffi on the run / Japan’s desperation to stop radiation leak

Libya – the coalition strikes back

Huffington Post: Moammar Gadhafi flaunted instructions from the international community and the UN to stop killing civilians and sent in his military might which included troops, tanks and fighter planes to take the first city (Benghazi) taken by the protestors. More than 27 people were killed in the attack.  However, coalition forces had already begun their military campaign against the stubborn colonel and a Libyan warplane was shot down near Benghazi today. Residents were heard to be  cheering after the incident.

On Friday, the United States, Britain and France and some Arab countries demanded that Gadhafi stop his troops attacking civilians and called for the restoration of water, electricity and gas in all conflict areas. They said that if he did not comply he would suffer the consequences with military action.  The Colonel’s defiance has resulted in British and French fighter jets  being now mobilised for action in Libya. Italy, as a ‘stop-over’ base for coalition forces has promised full assistance with the military operations.

Japan – desperate measures to halt meltdown

Reuters/ Huffington Post: racing against time to stop the release of more deadly radiation from the crippled nuclear plant, engineers attached a power line to the plant’s outside which is hoped will enable power to get its cooling system running again.


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