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March 19, 2011

Obituary: Dr. Robert Ross, pioneer in medical education

Dr. Robert Ross, (New York City/Palm Beach) passed away March 19th after a long and courageous battle with cancer. At the age of 92, Dr. Ross had achieved more than most people can dream of.   

He was best known as a pioneer in medical education— as he founded and led Ross University in Dominica from 1979 to 2000, which soon became one of the largest and most successful Caribbean medical and veterinary schools.Dr. Ross’ reputation for developing academic institutions and dedication to excellence is known worldwide. Thousands of his graduates are now licensed and practicing throughout the United States.

As an academic leader in the field of medical education, Dr. Ross’  life had been dedicated to the success of his students. No matter what the challenge, he never backed down from a fight. In the early years he had to fight many a battle to protect the rights of his students, to uphold the reputation of the university, and to ensure graduates would qualify for licensure and residencies. The battles were long and hard fought, but ultimately he succeeded and paved the way for many other schools to follow in his footsteps. His leadership and dedication to quality as well as his insistence on excellence was an inspiration to all who knew him, and were the corner stone’s of his life. His dream had always been to provide a quality medical and nursing education to qualified students that deserve a chance.

After selling his schools in 2000, Dr. Ross followed his passion to address the shortage of health care professionals in the United States and Canada by founding the International University of Nursing (IUON). IUON is a modern, state of the art institution affiliated with several premier nursing schools in the United States and Canada. The school’s focus is on delivering highly trained and skilled nurses to the U.S. and Canadian health care systems.

With the success of IUON, Dr. Ross returned to addressing the growing need for qualified physicians in the United States and Canada where over the next 10 years there, the shortage of physicians is expected to exceed 90,000. Despite this shortage, thousands of highly qualified applicants continue to be turned away from U.S. medical schools each year due to capacity issues.

Dr. Ross believed that these students deserve an opportunity to pursue a quality medical education. As a result, Dr. Ross dedicated his experience and resources to developing a premier medical school — the University of Medicine and Health Sciences (UMHS).UMHS was founded in 2007 and seated its inaugural class in May 2008.  UMHS utilizes the most innovative teaching technologies available in medical education to provide personalized, specialized training to its students. He invested over 50 million dollars developing one of the most state of the art medical schools in the Caribbean.

Dr. Ross was a life-long entrepreneur from the time he was a youngster born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He was a self made man that started his career early on building one of the largest newspaper routes in Detroit at the age of 15.  He went on to develop many successful domestic and international businesses in the field of electronics, pharmaceuticals, and petro chemicals. Most recently he developed a homeopathic medication to deter snoring, which is a product marketed in the United States under the name YSNORE.

Dr. Robert Ross’ distinguished business career has been widely reported in publications like: Time Magazine, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Miami Herald, the Palm Beach Post, the Palm Beach Daily News, Newsday, Forbes Magazine, Current Biography, and much more.  He had been the recipient of many awards and honors including an honorary doctorate in humane letters from the Southern School of Optometry in Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. Ross had been philanthropic during his career, especially in the area of academic scholarships, and in later years with medical centers like: MD Anderson, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering.

In addition to his many contributions to humanity, Dr. Ross also proudly served his country in World War II, assigned to the 69th Infantry Division. He is survived by his devoted wife of 40 years, Anne, and children: Nancy Ross, Carole Walker, Bryan Ross, Warren Ross, and Anne’s children, Marlene Hummel, Janis Adler; 13 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. The family requests that in lieu of flowers donations be sent to: The Robert Ross Bladder Cancer Fund, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, 1275 York Ave, New York, N.Y. 10065

Funeral services will take place at the Riverside Memorial Chapel at 180 West 76th Street, New York, NY (212-362- 6600) on March 22nd, at 10 AM. Following the service the procession will move to the final burial site located at the New Montefiore Jewish Cemetery (631-249-7000) at 1180 Wellwood Ave. – West Babylon, NY

[Dominica Contributor]

March 19, 2011

UK’s Kate Middleton – some are more equal than others

MailOnline: The future wife of Britain’s Prince William, Kate Middleton, is getting into the swing of the perks of being a royal as when she visited a London store last week, she didn’t pay the £4 parking ticket and got away with it.

By the account of those watching the incident, the incoming royal, parked her car into a ‘pay and display‘ area and tumbled out into the fashionable Peter Jones store in Chelsea.  A while later, two traffic wardens turned up and began the ticketing process, but were shooed away by the incoming royal’s police protection officer.

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March 19, 2011

Rockets fired from Gaza – hit Israel

BBC News: A heavy missile attack was made from Gaza today by Palestinian militants. Around 50 rockets were fired and two Israelis were injured according to Israel.  Later on Israeli tanks barraged Gaza’s coastal area and it is reported that over 5 people were injured.

Hamas, which runs Gaza, confirmed that it had discharged most of the rockets as a few days ago an Israeli air strike killed two of its team.

In the meantime, Israeli authorities continue to build settlements on the occupied territories despite a UN resolution to the contrary.

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March 19, 2011

Libya focus for the coalition whilst abuses continue elsewhere in Bahrain, Ivory Coast, Pakistan and Yemen

RT.Com: Whilst the Libyan regime continues to receive condemnation from the US and coalition forces for atrocities against the protestors and have capitulated to the UN vote which authorises (among other things) for the taking of “all necessary measures” to stop the colonel from decimating his fellow Libyans, the continuing state violence upon citizens in Bahrain, Yemen or elsewhere is ignored.

Recent events:-

  • US drone strike in Pakistan kills 40 civilians;
  • Yemen –  government forces fired on protestors killing at least 50;
  • Ivory Coast – 30 people were killed when the country’s leader authorised the bombing of a marketplace in the country’s capital;
  • Bahrain – despite UN condemnation of the state’s actions upon its people as: ‘shocking and illegal’, the US-backed royal family rulers, aided by troops from Saudi Arabia continue a violent crack-down on protestors. reports that according to Michel Chossudovsky, the director of the Center for Research on Globalization in Montréal, Canada: “They’ve (the USA) killed more than a million people in Iraq, they can’t tell us they’re coming to the rescue of civilians. It’s absolute nonsense….The situation in Bahrain is very very serious……There you have the [US Navy] Fifth Fleet and they didn’t intervene, they just let it happen“.

Mr. Chossudovsky says that the Gulf States work as a group with the West and as such are permitted human rights and other abuses by the US as a reward.  He says: “What world public opinion must understand is we are on verge of a fourth war theater in North Africa …………….“That means military intervention, and that means war and that means civilian casualties.”

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March 19, 2011

Gaddaffi on the run / Japan’s desperation to stop radiation leak

Libya – the coalition strikes back

Huffington Post: Moammar Gadhafi flaunted instructions from the international community and the UN to stop killing civilians and sent in his military might which included troops, tanks and fighter planes to take the first city (Benghazi) taken by the protestors. More than 27 people were killed in the attack.  However, coalition forces had already begun their military campaign against the stubborn colonel and a Libyan warplane was shot down near Benghazi today. Residents were heard to be  cheering after the incident.

On Friday, the United States, Britain and France and some Arab countries demanded that Gadhafi stop his troops attacking civilians and called for the restoration of water, electricity and gas in all conflict areas. They said that if he did not comply he would suffer the consequences with military action.  The Colonel’s defiance has resulted in British and French fighter jets  being now mobilised for action in Libya. Italy, as a ‘stop-over’ base for coalition forces has promised full assistance with the military operations.

Japan – desperate measures to halt meltdown

Reuters/ Huffington Post: racing against time to stop the release of more deadly radiation from the crippled nuclear plant, engineers attached a power line to the plant’s outside which is hoped will enable power to get its cooling system running again.