Relax, the fat pill will be with us….soon!

Did you know that Spice Girl Victoria Beckham was so hungry once, being under constant pressure from the management to remain slim and eat as little as possible, that she ate 10 bowls of cereal at once?

Did you know that by eating late at night  Britney Spears got so ‘fat’ that her father had take over the ’29 year-old teenager’s’ feeding,  following the anxious urges of her producer?

Did you know that 51-year-old Madonna collapsed on stage twice during one of the concerts due to anemia caused by starvation?

Celebrities as well as millions of other women can only be jealous of some people who never gain weight and do not have to worry about eating their second, fifth and even tenth hamburger a day. So what is the secret? They just do not have a special gene in their bodies that makes fat get saved up for ‘just in case’ ! An enzyme, called by scientists MGAT2, is responsible for the luck of the minority and the suffering of the majority of women.

The enzyme happens to be present in human beings and makes us similar to our not-so-close relatives and not-very-loved rodent mates – mice. Recent U.S. scientists’ experiments on mice have shown that, being targeted by fatty and tasty meals, mice without the enzyme in their bodies could eat as much as they wanted, while their ‘pals’ started paying up the price for good living by putting on weight uncontrollably. Sounds good? Well, here is the best part – the mice without MGAT2 were not only slim (but still annoying as mice tend to be), but also healthy – their cholesterol as well as sugar levels were found to be way below those of their peers.

According to the promising results of the study, extra pounds as well as sophisticated diets and expensive medical procedures may soon be in the past – a pill can be developed that would let people eat as much as they wanted without having to worry over the consequences by oppressing the activity of the gene in our bodies.

[Jenna Kimsley, Health Contributor]

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