Full-scale meltdown in 48 hours for Japan – US, China & Asia in fallout fear

Fears are mounting in Asia, China and the US that Japan’s failure to give full details of the state of the Fukushima plant is indicative that the reactors are in full-scale meltdown.

AlterNet: Last ditch attempts by the Japanese authorities to use military helicoptors to douse the reactor’s raging fires are seen by international experts as nothing less than a ‘face saving’ gesture as things go beyond control for the authorities.

USA Today reports:  “The Japanese government‘s radiation report for the country’s 47 prefectures Wednesday had a notable omission: Fukushima, ground zero in Japan‘s nuclear crisis. Measurements from Ibaraki, just south of Fukushima, were also blanked out. Radiation experts in the USA say that the lack of information about radioactivity released from the smoldering reactors makes it impossible to gauge the current danger, project how bad a potential meltdown might be or calculate how much fallout might reach the USA.”

NHK English reports that temperatures in the reactors’ spent fuel cooling pools at Units 5 and 6 are rising which is indicative that damage has occurred to all 6 reactors and that even the last-ditch helicoptor cooling exercises will not prevent full-scale meltdown whereby massive amount of radioactive smoke is released.
Time is critical as far as US officials are concerned and they fear that if the cooling situation is not contained in the next 48 hours, Japan will more or less cease to exist as a viable country.
[Japan Contributor]

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