Australian doctors in sex abuse

Well, that ‘abused’ feeling could be due to doctors taking your body for granted and doing with it what they wish down under when you are under in  ‘down under’. According to a recent report in AU, Australian medical students are carrying out intrusive procedures on unconscious and anaesthetised patients without gaining the patient’s consent.  The unauthorised examinations include genital, rectal and breast exams, and raise serious questions about the ethics of up-and-coming doctors…

A further report in the Australian newspaper says that this practice is being encouraged by professors at leading medical schools in the country and that students comply as they don’t want to get in to trouble with the professors. The report states: MEDICAL students are being instructed by more senior doctors to conduct intrusive physical examinations – involving inspecting the private parts of both male and female patients – without obtaining the consent of the patients concerned.

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One Comment to “Australian doctors in sex abuse”

  1. I had my tonsils out when I was 20 at a UK hospital and after surgery come round to two doctors examining my private parts. I was a bit woozy at the time, but later on complained to the hospital. They said it was OK and that doctors were permitted to do these things. Horrible!!!

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