Belgium and Italy’s weapons sold to Libya in 2009 used to quell and kill protesters

So despite the apparent hardlining now of Col. Gaddaffi’s regime by the EU, as recently as 2009, EU states like Belgium, Italy and Malta were allowed by the EU to do so and did sell to the Colonel and his dictatorial regime, the same armaments that they are using now to kill and subdue protesters.  In that year, Italy, helped by Malta, sold high-value shipments of rockets and other equipment to Libya and Belgium too was quite busy selling rifles, pistols, light machine guns and ammunition to the Libyan regime.

As reported by EU Observer: Belgian company FN Herstal in 2009 in a smaller order worth €11.5 million sold to Libya: 367 rifles; 367 pistols; 50 “luxury” pistols; 30 “light” machine guns; 22,000 rifle grenades; 1.3 million ammunition cartridges; and 2,000 semi-automatic FN 303 anti-riot guns.  FN Herstal’s website says “the primary effect of the [FN 303] (anti-riot) projectile is trauma, capable of stopping the action of the aggressor immediately.” It adds: “Misuse may result in injury or death. Never aim at face or head.”

It seems that the EU is going to have a hard time with getting on with the protesters after the Colonel is kicked out, which appears will be quite soon despite his heavy use of the armaments supplied to him by his friends in the EU designed to specifically quell and subdue protesters.

A YouTube video now going viral on the Internet shows Libyan mercenaries brandishing the EU-made weapons in Libya. So watch the YouTube footage and let us have  your views.

[Regime Change Contributor]


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