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March 17, 2011

Rayvon – taking hip-hop reggae to new heights in 2011

Rayvon is the 2011 hip-hop reggae sensation. The Brooklyn-raised artist Rayvon has revolutioned the reggae sound by a livid interspersing with dynamic street-strong hip-hip.  As the appropriately dubbed “ambassador of hip-hop reggae”, Rayvon is taking the genre by storm.

Having shared the stage with monolithic icons such as the Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson, Rayvon’s pop-infused Caribbean flavor paved the way for the next generation of Barbadian recording artists such as Rihanna, Shontelle, and Jaicko.

His new album, Rayvon, features track work from heavyweights such as Jah Snowcone (Sean Paul, Vybz Kartel) as well as the production prowess of Danny Champagne, Ali Cat, and Carl “Beaver” Henderson.

The first single “Back it Up” is a hard-edged pulsating groove that have guys jumping and ladies gyrating. From “Hustle and Flow” to the pop reggae lilt of “Wedding Song,” the album result is an explosive collection of sonic heavy hitters (“Riding Skill”), Euro dance (“Private Dancer”), and his patented brand of hip-hop reggae (“Get Money,” “Bang Bang”).

Rayvon is probably best known for his work with multi-platinum selling vocalist Shaggy. The two began collaborating on a string of tunes in the 90’s which culminated in the Sting Int’l produced regional hit “Big Up.” Rayvon says, “We both got our break with that record. It put us in the reggae/dancehall spotlight. I had a smooth-edged style of singing and he had that rough DJ style. The chemistry was amazing.” Rayvon was also featured covering The Melodians’ classic “Rivers of Babylon” on the B-side of Shaggy’s 1993 hit “Oh Carolina”.

In 2001 Rayvon lent his vocals to yet another smash Shaggy duet, “Angel,” from the 6x Platinum seller Hotshot. This time, the duo topped Billboard’s Hot 100 and took home an American Music Award for the wildly successful tune. Rayvon appeared with Shaggy in the national spotlight on shows like Live w/ Regis & Kelly, Saturday Night Live, Jay Leno, David Letterman and All My Children. The song has since clocked in at 18 million views on YouTube and has been certified gold and platinum around the world.

Rayvon says, “People have grown up with the classic songs I’ve done over the years. People want to hear Reggae because it’s feel good music. Feel good music will never die.”

For more information about Rayvon and how to purchase his music, you can contact:-

Stringbean International Records Limited;; 44 (0) 208 616 4570 or 44 (0) 7758 669161; Email: .

[Samantha Josst, Music & Media Contributor]

March 17, 2011

Latvia donates EUR 141,500 to Japan as emergency aid

Latvia, one of Europe‘s poorest countries, with more than 15,000 families in its capital, Riga, without a home, has agreed to donate EUR 141,500 from its emergency fund to assist Japan in its humanitarian crisis caused by the recent earthquake.

The aid was approved by the country’s cabinet of ministers during a closed meeting on March 15th. There is no information about how the funds will be used, but it seems that more, or less all of it will go towards assisting Latvia’s evacuation from Japan of 74, or so citizens who are caught up in the country’s current nuclear and natural disaster incidents.

The donation has been approved by the European Union of which Latvia is a member and participant of its austerity program resulting from the current global financial crisis.
The country’s people, whilst sympathetic to Japan’s problems, are saying that the aid package is ridiculous as Japan is the second richest country in the world, whilst Latvia, a country of some 2.2 million inhabitants, is one of the poorest.
[Baltics Contributor]
March 17, 2011

Radiocative particles from Japan on way to USA, Europe panics

MSNBC reports that scientists have reported that, radioactive particles from Japan‘s nuclear plant ‘meltdown’ are on their way to the USA and will eventually reach Europe in days.

This projection is according to research director at Swedish Defence Research Institute, Lars-Eik De Geer, who had collated data from a wide network of international stations watching for signs of nuclear weapons testing.  Although he stressed that current levels were not harmful to people as yet, it is not clear that the situation will be the same as the particles continue to intensify as the meltdown progresses to full-swing.  According to De Geer, the radioactive particles will be detected all over the northern hemisphere in due course.

Whilst Europeans are very concerned about the high level of damage to health to practically most of the world by the failure of 2 to 6 reactors in a country as far away as Japan, there is increasing worry about the danger posed to Europe from within it from France’s dominance in the nuclear energy field.

Currently, France has 58 reactors and is the world’s second largest producer of nuclear power.  In recent times all of its reactors have experienced severe cooling problems.

[Japan and Nuclear Energy Contributor]

March 17, 2011

Full-scale meltdown in 48 hours for Japan – US, China & Asia in fallout fear

Fears are mounting in Asia, China and the US that Japan’s failure to give full details of the state of the Fukushima plant is indicative that the reactors are in full-scale meltdown.

AlterNet: Last ditch attempts by the Japanese authorities to use military helicoptors to douse the reactor’s raging fires are seen by international experts as nothing less than a ‘face saving’ gesture as things go beyond control for the authorities.

USA Today reports:  “The Japanese government‘s radiation report for the country’s 47 prefectures Wednesday had a notable omission: Fukushima, ground zero in Japan‘s nuclear crisis. Measurements from Ibaraki, just south of Fukushima, were also blanked out. Radiation experts in the USA say that the lack of information about radioactivity released from the smoldering reactors makes it impossible to gauge the current danger, project how bad a potential meltdown might be or calculate how much fallout might reach the USA.”

NHK English reports that temperatures in the reactors’ spent fuel cooling pools at Units 5 and 6 are rising which is indicative that damage has occurred to all 6 reactors and that even the last-ditch helicoptor cooling exercises will not prevent full-scale meltdown whereby massive amount of radioactive smoke is released.
Time is critical as far as US officials are concerned and they fear that if the cooling situation is not contained in the next 48 hours, Japan will more or less cease to exist as a viable country.
[Japan Contributor]
March 17, 2011

Relax, the fat pill will be with us….soon!

Did you know that Spice Girl Victoria Beckham was so hungry once, being under constant pressure from the management to remain slim and eat as little as possible, that she ate 10 bowls of cereal at once?

Did you know that by eating late at night  Britney Spears got so ‘fat’ that her father had take over the ’29 year-old teenager’s’ feeding,  following the anxious urges of her producer?

Did you know that 51-year-old Madonna collapsed on stage twice during one of the concerts due to anemia caused by starvation?

Celebrities as well as millions of other women can only be jealous of some people who never gain weight and do not have to worry about eating their second, fifth and even tenth hamburger a day. So what is the secret? They just do not have a special gene in their bodies that makes fat get saved up for ‘just in case’ ! An enzyme, called by scientists MGAT2, is responsible for the luck of the minority and the suffering of the majority of women.

The enzyme happens to be present in human beings and makes us similar to our not-so-close relatives and not-very-loved rodent mates – mice. Recent U.S. scientists’ experiments on mice have shown that, being targeted by fatty and tasty meals, mice without the enzyme in their bodies could eat as much as they wanted, while their ‘pals’ started paying up the price for good living by putting on weight uncontrollably. Sounds good? Well, here is the best part – the mice without MGAT2 were not only slim (but still annoying as mice tend to be), but also healthy – their cholesterol as well as sugar levels were found to be way below those of their peers.

According to the promising results of the study, extra pounds as well as sophisticated diets and expensive medical procedures may soon be in the past – a pill can be developed that would let people eat as much as they wanted without having to worry over the consequences by oppressing the activity of the gene in our bodies.

[Jenna Kimsley, Health Contributor]

March 17, 2011

A bank to watch – British Lloyds Bank posts record profits

Heavily nationalised Lloyds Banking Group, 41% owned by the state, earlier this year posted £2.2bn in annual profits after being bailed out by the government at the height of the financial crisis in 2009. In 2009, it had made a £6.3bn loss.

A bank to watch? Follow the Telegraph’s report here….

[Finance & Economics Contributor]

March 17, 2011

Kario Amore, enhancing reality

Karina is a 27 year-old Latvian artist who’s photograpic studio, Kario Amore, is looking to go places because of her passion and artistry in capturing vividness and sensuality in all aspects of her art.  Karina travels widely and absorbs cultures for use in her own creativity. Although having worked as a professional photographer for less than 5 years, she demonstrates outstanding ability to shoot in all genres and particularly, portraits of people, their emotions, sensitivity and depth. Some of her work can be seen at: .

International Times of Dominica recommends Karina and wishes her all the best with her work as a talented artist.

March 17, 2011

Real Estate boom in Australia – opportunities for international investors

G’day, yes its official, Australia’s city of Sydney is now the fourth most popular city in the world for international investment according to

2011 has seen money is coming in thick and thin from Asia and Europe and the inward cash surge is stoking up demand for properties in the stylish CBD, North Shor and Eastern Suburb of the city.  Real estate agents are reported to be doing well and are feverishly advertising Australian real estate in Asia and Europe promising investors great deals with built-in security. says that according to CBRE senior managing director of international investments Rick Butler: “…the foreigners are there because they see Australia as safe, secure and actually having growth, which puts us in a much better position than old Europe and the US.”.

[International Real Estate Contributor]

March 17, 2011

Belgium and Italy’s weapons sold to Libya in 2009 used to quell and kill protesters

So despite the apparent hardlining now of Col. Gaddaffi’s regime by the EU, as recently as 2009, EU states like Belgium, Italy and Malta were allowed by the EU to do so and did sell to the Colonel and his dictatorial regime, the same armaments that they are using now to kill and subdue protesters.  In that year, Italy, helped by Malta, sold high-value shipments of rockets and other equipment to Libya and Belgium too was quite busy selling rifles, pistols, light machine guns and ammunition to the Libyan regime.

As reported by EU Observer: Belgian company FN Herstal in 2009 in a smaller order worth €11.5 million sold to Libya: 367 rifles; 367 pistols; 50 “luxury” pistols; 30 “light” machine guns; 22,000 rifle grenades; 1.3 million ammunition cartridges; and 2,000 semi-automatic FN 303 anti-riot guns.  FN Herstal’s website says “the primary effect of the [FN 303] (anti-riot) projectile is trauma, capable of stopping the action of the aggressor immediately.” It adds: “Misuse may result in injury or death. Never aim at face or head.”

It seems that the EU is going to have a hard time with getting on with the protesters after the Colonel is kicked out, which appears will be quite soon despite his heavy use of the armaments supplied to him by his friends in the EU designed to specifically quell and subdue protesters.

A YouTube video now going viral on the Internet shows Libyan mercenaries brandishing the EU-made weapons in Libya. So watch the YouTube footage and let us have  your views.

[Regime Change Contributor]

March 17, 2011

Shocking news – 1.5 million preventable deaths each year in Germany and China!

140,000 drug/ addiction-related deaths in Germany each year and more to go?

No one really knows why so little is being done to prevent over 140,000 Germans (young, not so young and elderly) dying every year from tobacco-related illnesses. Also, the German government just seems to ignore the fact that well over 3,000-4,000 deaths per year in Germany by people who do not smoke are caused by their inhaling tobacco smoke of others. Why is it that nearly one in three German adults smoke regularly and that tobacco is freely advertised and smoking in restaurants, pubs and cafes is freely tolerated and so prevalent?

Easy to work this out!  In Germany, around USD$37 billion goes to the government in tobacco taxes and as tobacco use though burdensome on the country’s health services, does kill people off earlier thereby saving on retirement benefits and healthcare in the long run and culling its ageing populaiton, the government solves a dual problem by turning a blind eye to smoking deaths. So all is explained now!

1.2 million preventable deaths in China and rising to 3.5 million!

According to Time the situation by parallel seems to be the same for China as it reports that according to a statement of January 6th this year by a panel of Chinese and international health experts and economists, up from 1.2 million currently, 2 million Chinese in China will die each year of tobacco-related illnesses by 2020. By 2030, 3.5 million will die which accounts from more than half the world’s yearly tobacco-related deaths.

It seems that a good clue to the Chinese government’s relative inactivity in helping more than 300 million smokers in China to kick the habit is due to its National Tobacco Corp’s standing as the largest cigarette manufacturer in the world and its Tobacco Monopoly Administration (STMA) running it and also being responsible for anti-smoking laws. The jigsaw is solved and the deaths are set to continue.

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