Meltdown panic reaches Germany – Japan in nuclear catastrophe

Spiegel Online International: With Japan, a mere 5, 500 miles away from Germany, the country’s failing nuclear facilities is causing widespread panic among Germans. ‘We are afraid’ – protestors are saying and sales of Geiger counters and iodine tablets are rocketing in the country.

On Monday in Germany, over 100,000 demonstrators were on the streets in around 400 towns and cities  all over the country. They were demanding the closure of all German reactors with banners saying: Fukushima is everywhere”. The government is reported to have closed down more than half of its nuclear plants as a result.

Germans are now firmly in the company of the many concerned in other countries who are asking questions about nuclear power safety following the ongoing disaster in Japan.

There are fears that the accelerating anti-nuclear protest in Germany could spread to its close neighbour, France, which has 58 reactors, is the world’s 2nd largest producer of nuclear energy and has problems with overheating reactors.

[Nuclear Safety Contributor]


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