Date rape, social fears and orgasms – OXYTOCIN

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Oxytocin is an inhalable drug which is hailed as a cure for social fears and a powerful ‘love’ drug giving users enhanced orgasms. According to  Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg of the US National Institute of Mental Health: “It is like social Viagra“. Experiments have also shown the drug to be a potent sexual accelerator.

Oxytocin  now on sale as ‘Liquid Trust’ by Verolabs . The drug, a hormone, is useful for bringing on labour contractions, breastfeeding and orgasm and has been shown to increase the bonding process in animals. It is administered via a nasal spray when users then experience rising trust in others and a rapid decrease in their social fears. They also experience high levels of sexual arousal.  Doctors are confident that the drug will be useful in the treatment of people with mental illnesses involving fear of others, autism and schizophrenia and also as a treatment for those with sexual dysfunctions.

But Oxytocin is being viewed carefully by health and sexual crime experts who are saying that it could be used as a powerful date-rape drug as its use increases both trust and sexual arousal.  Doctors are therefore saying that Oxytocin should not be used for recreational purposes.


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