Japan – third nuclear power plant explodes, town disappears, meltdown in process

Third nuclear explosion in four days – meltdown in process as rods are exposed

Huffington Post reports that another explosion has occurred at Japan’s Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant in northeast Japan early today. The incident is the third explosion to happen at the plant in a four-day period. The explosions appear to be happening because the authorities are unable to cool down the nuclear plants which were damaged by the recent earthquake.

More explosions are feared as all six plants appear likely to suffer the same fate as the exploding three so far.  Although radiation leakage is being played down by the authorities, evacuation procedures have begun and external parties are reading extraordinary levels of radioactivity in the atmosphere surrounding the plants and further afield.

Whilst the plant operators are trying to contain further deterioration of the plants, experts are warning the meltdown is more or less certain which will practically destroy Japan as a country and have catastrophic effects on the whole world due to the resultant radiation being pumped into the atmosphere from the disaster.

Town disappears

The town of Saito has disappeared – 250 people and 100 houses are simply not there anymore as a result of the savage onslaught of the tsunami that took the country apart.  In neighbouring coastal town, hundreds of bodies litter the coast and deeper inland rescuers continue to fight to extract people from fallen buildings and debris.

Millions in crisis

The earthquake and tsunami have severely damaged Japan’s infrastructure with the result that millions are without food and electricity. Some just wander the streets looking for help, whilst many huddle up in emergency centers frightened that any exposure to the outside world will bring them new dangers from imminent aftershock earthquakes and radiation poisoning.

[Natural Disasters Contributor]


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