G.O.N Emanuel, distinguished Dominica ex-Chief Magistrate under attack

Dominica Central Newspaper makes a poignant tribute to this active 85 year old Dominican – a distinguised UK and Caribbean lawyer, ex-judge and Chief Magistrate of Dominica and WW2 Royal Navy veteran.

Unfortunately, GON Emanuel is now under attack in his own country, by whom-no-else than the very powers that be.  A recent attack was made on his life (no comment from the PM whose attorney was his ex-law firm partner and who he is claiming stole over 6M ECD from his firm).

It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds, many leading Dominicans are worried about law and order on the island and widespread civil unrest if the current government does not come clean over its involvement in the affair. Many are saying the PM Skerritt should resign now and hand the investigation of this case which is sure to involve widespread government corruption to international law enforcement agencies. GON’s nephew, Dr. Edward Lestrade, himself a lawyer, is taking a keen interest in developments and has offered assistance to Mr. Emanuel.

[Dominica Contributor]

6 Responses to “G.O.N Emanuel, distinguished Dominica ex-Chief Magistrate under attack”

  1. Good luck, Glen.


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