New Zealand in trouble as defence chief is outed as fake!

Well, if you can make it there, you can’t make it everywhere – that’s what they say! A BBC News report out today confirms that after 6 years in the post of Chief of New Zealand’s Technology Agency,  British born Stepen Wilce turned out to have faked more or less everything about him to get the job. New Zealand’s Technology Chief’s claim that he had designed the Polaris missile guidance system, been a member of the Welsh rugby union team and had had a career as a guitarist turned out to be false par excellence!  His other significant fibs concerned massive embellishments of his academic qualifications, his career as a Royal Marine and having been a member of the Olympic bobsleigh event against a Jamaican team which had been portrayed in the film ‘Cool Runnings‘.

Mr. Wilce who resigned from his post last September after being outed by a TV program, told investigators that he had been telling lies about himself since he was a kid.

So how did this faker who was appointed to a highly sensitive position supervising over 80 staff with access to top secret materials, pass New Zealand’s screening procedures for the post??  Furthermore, even if the procedures were adequately carried out, how on earth did he manage to remain in his job for 6 years without alarm bells ringing from within?

Does this event say something about the current state of New Zealand as a country? If it does, perhaps the Australians should not be too worried about competition from their Kiwi friends!

[Shamus McMahon, Oceania Contributor]

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One Comment to “New Zealand in trouble as defence chief is outed as fake!”

  1. Lol! Very funny. The Kiwis and their ‘whiter than white’ attitude, serves them right and I’m sure that this kind of stench goes all the way though to the country’s rotten core! Thank god I’m Aussie 😀

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