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March 14, 2011

Al Qa’ida begins its branding process

According to a report, by all acounts, Al Qa’ida has begun a ‘western-style’ worldwide branding process by the launch of its new glossy magazine, Al-Shamikha. The glossy advises women on how to cover-up, marry martyrs and to serve Islam.

Independent reports that the magazine is similar to Elle and Cosmopolitan and gives advice on relationships, good manners and health.  Its advice includes: “not [to] go out except when necessary” and to always wear a niqab for protection from the sun. It also has interview accounts with the spouses of martyr and heaps glory on people who have given up their lives for Islam: “From martyrdom, the believer will gain security, safety and happiness”.

So what next, an Al Qa’ida cookbook, IPO, Facebook page, branded fashion?  For Al Qa’ida, it would appear, now that it has our attention, the western capitalist approach to fame and riches appears irrisistable.

[General News Correspondent]

March 14, 2011

Secrets of Success for Women

Photo: MailOnline

MailOnline reports that successful women are more likely to be more feminine than ‘mannish’.  Do you Agree??

Read the story by clicking on the picture and let us have your views….[more]….

March 14, 2011

World catastrophe as Japan’s exploding reactors emit radioactive clouds and volcano erupts

Volcano explodes in Southern Japan on Sunday

Los Angeles Times:  Adding to Japan’s recent woes, on Sunday last, a volcano in its south erupted thowing volanic ash and rock up to 6000 feet into the air. So far, no fatalities have been reported, however, several hundred people have been rescued, or have fled the area and the authorities are urging caution.

The volcano is situated on Kyushu island which is approximately 950 miles from the center of the country’s recent earthquake. The exploding volcano broke windows many miles away and represented the biggest volcanic activity in the region for over 52 years.

Second Reactor Explosion

Huffington Post reports that a second reactor in the troubled Fukushima plant has exploded. The hydrogen blast sent huge clouds of smoke into the air and workers have been injured. Six more reactors at the plant are in danger of exploding and the authorities are worried.

Exploding Reactor’s are emitting radioactive clouds into the atmosphere

Although operators are saying that radiation limits are normal, this morning the aircraft carrier, USS Reagan crusing the Pacific near Japan reported that its crew members had received more that a month’s worth of radiation contamination when it passed through the reactor’s radioactive cloud. The US navy are reporting to be removing its fleet from areas near the stricken plant.

[Natural Disaster and Emergency Contributor]

March 14, 2011

New Zealand in trouble as defence chief is outed as fake!

Well, if you can make it there, you can’t make it everywhere – that’s what they say! A BBC News report out today confirms that after 6 years in the post of Chief of New Zealand’s Technology Agency,  British born Stepen Wilce turned out to have faked more or less everything about him to get the job. New Zealand’s Technology Chief’s claim that he had designed the Polaris missile guidance system, been a member of the Welsh rugby union team and had had a career as a guitarist turned out to be false par excellence!  His other significant fibs concerned massive embellishments of his academic qualifications, his career as a Royal Marine and having been a member of the Olympic bobsleigh event against a Jamaican team which had been portrayed in the film ‘Cool Runnings‘.

Mr. Wilce who resigned from his post last September after being outed by a TV program, told investigators that he had been telling lies about himself since he was a kid.

So how did this faker who was appointed to a highly sensitive position supervising over 80 staff with access to top secret materials, pass New Zealand’s screening procedures for the post??  Furthermore, even if the procedures were adequately carried out, how on earth did he manage to remain in his job for 6 years without alarm bells ringing from within?

Does this event say something about the current state of New Zealand as a country? If it does, perhaps the Australians should not be too worried about competition from their Kiwi friends!

[Shamus McMahon, Oceania Contributor]

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March 14, 2011

Living forever – the reality is here right now!

Want to live forever? Well, a  BBC News report says you can. Not only can you go on and on, but your ageing can be reversed!  The reason you can it seems is that the caps of chromosomes that are in the nuclei of cells can be manipulated and re-programmed to produce dramatic de-ageing.

Curious? Read more now and let us have your views….

March 14, 2011

Raping and killing a boy for stress worked for German top executive!

Mail Online reports today that top German phone executive was arrested for kidnapping, raping and murdering a 10 year old boy all because he had a stressful day at the office.

According to 45 year old Olaf H: It was all the stress at work. The boss gave me a hard time and I had this overwhelming desire to kill a child.  I drove around aimlessly looking for a random victim, a child because I wanted to have power over somebody,’ he said in a reported statement. ‘A girl or a boy it didn’t matter. I needed somebody so I could relieve my frustration’. In his statement, he said that his career improved rapidly after the murder as his boss promoted him, gave him a pay rise and an staff of 150 workers. ‘I had no more worries’ he said.

His victim, a boy named by police as Mirco, was made to to climb into a car when Olaf H raped and strangled him. He then disposed of the boy’s body in a wood near the Belgian border.

After a 5 month search, the police got to him, but in the meantime, Olaf H had been enjoying the rewards of his ‘stress relief‘ exercise.

[Crime Contributor]

March 14, 2011

Facebook is good for Sex!


According to a Daily Mail report, four out of five women believe that Facebook gets you in bed quicker than most other things. Want to find out why that is? Read more and tell us what you think. What is your experience of Facebook, did it help you in bedside things??

[Petra Carling-Smith, Sex & Family Contributor]