USA sold $40 billion in weapons in 2009 to ‘people power’ oppressors

Huffington Post reports that the U.S. government sanctioned $40 billion in international private arms sales in 2009. Of that, $7 billion was allocated to the middle east and African countries that are now in ‘people power’ revolts.

In 2008/2007, the authoritarian regimes of Egypt and Bahrain had benefitted from the US’s blanket authorization for more sales of military equipment. However, in 2009, the US had  lowered its arms sales quotas to Moammar Gadhafi’s Libyan regime, which only last month got a blanket weapons ban from the Mr. Obama’s administration.

The ‘smart diplomacy’ advocate President Obama’s approval of such sales during the first year of his administration, tops that of George W Bush in the final year of his administration who had only approved $34.2 billion.

It is reported that the ‘people power’ protestors in war-torn Libya are looking to see if the USA and the EU will sanction sales of military equipment to them in the same way that these administrations had supported their oppressive government. Tricky times ahead for the US and EU it would seem which only recently had imposed a ban on military sales to the troubled nation.

[Johnathan Bleuet – Finance & Economy Contributor]


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