Shocking video of Japan’s tsunami in devastation action

Japan is in disarray following the most powerful earthquake to hit the country in its recent history. The earthquake and the tsunami caused by it, have left in their wake unimaginable destruction, a potential nuclear disaster and many dead and unaccounted for.
UK Telegraph reports that according to Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, the earthquake caused the Earth’s axis to offset 9.8in [25cm] and the US Geological Survey reported that the main island of Japan had moved 7.8ft [2.4m].  The authorities fear that thousands are dead and cannot account for tens of thousands more. Many Japanese are now living in emergency shelters without food, or electricity.
The newspaper’s video footage shows the sheer devastating power of the tsunami in action. Viewing discretion is recommended as the footage is graphic.
[Natural Disasters Contributor] 


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