Libyan Rebels call out for direct help and less ‘hot air’ from the US and EU

The Huffington Post reports that according to accounts from the rebels in Libya, the incumbent ruthless leader of Libya, Colonel Gaddafi, is planning not only their defeat, but their total destruction.

Armed with US weapons and those supplied by EU countries (such as Italy and Belgium) in recent times, the Colonel’s forces east of the Ras Lanouf oil port are now  ‘raining rockets and shelling along the main coastal highway, targeting rebel vehicles trying to reinforce and bring supplies to the port’.

While the USA and the EU did make a tidy profit to the tune of some $60 billion in as recent as the years 2008/9 from lucrative supplies of weapons of crowd destruction to the Colonel’s regime, thus far the Libyan rebels have only been treated to the warm air of disapproval of the Colonel’s regime from the US and the EU whilst in the meantime, the Colonel’s forces on the ground continue their vicious campaign against them armed with the most sophisticated of weaponry.  The freezing of the Libyan regime’s bank accounts will assist and so will a ‘no-fly’ zone, but anything less than direct action on the ground to help the rebels, will be sure to result in only more of their deaths and the prolongation of the rule of the Colonel.

More action, less words it seems will need to prevail for the rebels to have any confidence that the Americans and the EU have not been the supreme architects of their misery under the Colonel.

[Africa News Contributor]

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