“I will shoot your ass” – Dominica Director of Audit says to politician

It seems that Dominica politicians will need to invest in bullet-proof trousers following a recent event when the country’s Director of Audit, Clarence Christian, threatened to ‘shoot the ass’ of the Dominica Freedom Party‘s (‘DLP‘) deputy leader.

Dominica News Central reports that the incident is alleged to have taken place in 2009. Dominica politician, Michael Astaphan , deputy leader of the country Dominica Freedom Party (‘DLP’), said that after a radio talk show interview which was critical of the island’s Audit Director, Clarence Christian, he was threatend to be shot ‘in the ass’ by Mr. Christian.

Astaphan told Dominica News Central“Yesterday on our Freedom and You Programme, we were discussing crime, corruption and security in Dominica. The issue of persons working in the public service not following the act as it relates to politics came up. I made mention on the programme that the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) seems to be corrupt at its core because they are allowing certain practices to go on, contrary to the rules and regulations of the Public Service Act. I mentioned that the Director of Audit is a card holding member of the DLP and he took offence to that… I was outside talking to a few members and he passed by. When I went to my car, he made a second round and he threatened me by telling me ‘I am warning you, do not call my name on your programme’. When I asked him if that was a threat, he said he would take a gun and shoot our ass. Those were his words. He made a direct threat on my life”.

Mr. Astaphan is reported to have approached the police about the incident and said: “I went to the police and I reported the matter because I cannot understand how somebody holding a public office, who is suppose to be independent of the political system could be in violation of the rules is threatening me like that. This is not good governance practices at all at all at all”.

Apparently Mr. Christian had gone into hiding as all attempts to contact him had failed.

[Dominica Contributor]

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