Tweeters to be licensed by UK courts

International reports that British courts have effectively banned tweeting from hearings without the permission of the court. They say that it is to prevent the prejudicing of trials.  The country’s head judge, Justice Igor Judge, in a report about the use of  social media communications from court, said that in only exceptional cases would permission be granted and it is likely that only members of the press would be so permitted.
According to the report: “The combination of instant reporting without the self-restraint presumed to be exercised by accredited members of the media might lead to a greater likelihood of prejudicial reporting….(and tweeting from members of the public may be more harmful as they)…usually involve less measured remarks, which are presented in a manner which invites commentary and opinion from other users, and are posted in real time with no opportunity for review.”

In the UK, TV cameras are not allowed in courtrooms.

[Social Media Contributor]


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