EU Commissioners target Lukashenko

According to EU Observer, the EU’s Commissioners are chomping at the bit for outright war with the ‘anti-democratic’ regimes in eastern Europe. This time (and it is certainly not the first time) the EU’s is targeting (by the way – it is the same EU that had supplied weapons of crowd destruction as recent as 2009 to the Colonel of Libya, now under siege by his people) the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko.

The EU’s plans, which involve disrupting Mr. Lukashenko’s personal income  by blocking his accounts, as well as to bring his plans for the next state budget down, were adopted after several residents who had been protesting against his imminent re-election to the presidency were jailed for four years and apparently severely tortured.

However, it seems that no matter how much of his actions are disapproved by the west, the wily president’s survival skills remain redoubtable. Since his rise to the presidency in 2004,  Mr. Lukashenko has been the man in charge of all that happens within Belarus and has  ‘survived’ countless political and economic counter-measures from the EU and the USA. So, it seems, the Commissioners will need to wait for some time before he can be dislodged.

[Economics and Political Unrest Contributor]


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