Bradley Manning strikes back

Guardian UK reports that David Coombs, the lawyer of Bradley Manning the US Wikileaks detainee, has released a letter from Mr. Manning in which the 23 year old complains of how he has been “left to languish under the unduly harsh conditions of max [security] custody” after he was transported from Kuwait to be interned in the Quantico marine base prison in Virgina last July.

He says that since January he has been on ‘suicide watch’ which means that he is stripped naked every night and has been subject to frequent strippings and ‘unlawful pre-trial punishment’. He believes that his treatment, which has included taunting and and other forms of verbal harrassment from the prison staff is because he is being punished for the support he is getting from those who feel that he is being victimised.

Since details of his treatment have been made public, it is reported that Amnesty International and the UN are looking to begin an enquiry to determine whether he is in fact being tortured.

Mr. Manning is under charges of ‘aiding the enemy’ among others for his whistleblowing revelations to Wikileaks when he was a serving soldier, which showed up widespread abuse of Afgans civilians and apparently unlawful killings of them and others (including journalists) by US troops in Afganistan.  His charges mean that he may receive the death penalty in the end.
[Crime Contributor]

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