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March 9, 2011

Mother gives birth to ‘kidney stones’ baby at UK hospital


[Primary News Source & Picture – MailOnline]

Mail Online reports that 19-year-old student nurse, Danielle Crowley, was told by hospital staff at Southend Hospital in Essex in England, that her stomach pains were caused by kidney stones.  However, there were red faces all round when she gave birth after suffering agonising pain in a horrifying ordeal in the hospital during which she had been told off for disturbing the hospital staff with her screams. The nurse has lodged a complaint against the Hospital.

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March 9, 2011

Turks and Caicos ‘people power’ for release from British rule

Caribbean Now reports that the Turks and Caicos islanders are in revolt over British rule.

Frustrated over their ruler’s (United Kingdom) failure to meet its own milestones in the trial of high-level island government officials accused of corruption, on Tuesday this week the protestors shut down the islands’ airport in Providenciales island in a ‘people power’ protest for democracy that closed off roads leading to the airport.

Radio stations were demanding elections and former Premier, Mr. Michael Misick, headed the protest with printed T-shirts and a banner. More than 100 people were reported to be involved in the protests and the island suffered various electrical disturbances which seem to be the result of electricity-carrying poles being set alight.  Some arrests were made after fighting broke out with the police and an American Airlines flight to the capital was terminated due to the disturbances.  According to Caribbean Now, protestors had shouted out: “We want our country’s time for the Brits to go

The Turks and Caicos Islands  (‘TCI’) are owned by the United Kingdom as a ‘British Overseas Territory‘. They make up two groups of Caribbean islands, the bigger Caicos Islands and its smaller counterpart,  Turks Islands. They are tourist resorts and offshore financial shelters. The islands cover around 170 square miles and are close to the Bahamas and around 647 miles on the east-southeast side of Miami, USA.  Their population is around 36,000 of which more than half live on Providenciales island  The islands’ capital is Cockburn Town which is on Grand Turk island.  The islands’ unrest started in August 2009, when the UK suspended the Turks and Caicos’ administration after claims of corruption.

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March 9, 2011

Social media investing and ‘Dot-com’ crash fears as the market heats up

[Saul Kamisky, Finance & Banking Contributor]

Social media business creation and investing are understandably the new ‘Mecca’ for entrepreneurs and investors. With Facebook and Twitter now valued in the billions pre-IPO, investors are eyeing up huge gains when the companies go public which is likely to be soon.

The social media market’s ‘dot-comish’ high has been fuelled this month by banking group JP Morgan Chase‘s announcement that is was allocating  $1.2 billion to its ‘Digital Growth Fund’ established to focus on cash-rich pre-IPO social networking sites such as: Twitter, Zynga, Skype, LinkedIn and Groupon.  To stock up its fund, the banking group is going after rich individuals and plan to approach established family companies who want to move into social media investing but need the guidance of experts.

By the fund’s establishment, JP Morgan Chase has done a major up-value service for the established social media players, such as Facebook and Twitter and has also brought new credibility for financing to the social media wannabes who are eyeing the vast valuations of Facebook, Twitter and others with drooling jowls.

So if you want to ‘get rich quick’ these days, the indications are that starting a social media internet business, or investing in one could be very good for you. But be careful, the world has seen all of this before.  Remember the dot-com bubble which had burst only around 10 years ago? To remind you – as the  newly found power of the internet had, towards the end of 2000, caused many companies to build web-based businesses that ignored the basic rules for successful businesses, in 2001, thousands of them failed post IPO, leaving investors with empty promises ringing in their ears and even emptier pockets?  Then America‘s 400 or so, IPOed Internet companies had been valued at $1.3 trillion which was around  8% of the entire U.S. stock market. The crash therefore, understandably, had been painful, leaving investors with a bad taste in their mouth and an aversion to going anywhere near Internet-based businesses.

So, will social mediaring be any different for investors and entrepreneurs? Possibly, the market is beginning to heat up with social media sites being established each day and with the new venture capital available, the market will probably overheat quite soon, But who knows, however, we only have the ringing of the burst dot-com bubble in our ears to remind us that the Internet is indeed a dangerous place for entrepreneurs and investors.

March 9, 2011

On Facebook, ‘breast is not best’ it seems

According to BBC News, Facebook blocked a woman’s page after she published a photo of her re-made breasts after they were traumatized from her operation for breast cancer. Melissa Tullett had a double mastectomy and said that she had published the photo to give comfort to fellow breast cancer sufferers.

Facebook said that she had broken their rules on nudity and had deleted her account and the photo.  Since then, her account has been re-instated, but she has been requested not to repost the photo.

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March 9, 2011

Child abuse scandal hits the Catholic Church in Philadelphia

New York Times reports that the Archdiocese of Philadelphia has suspended 21 of its clergy as a result of credible allegations of their sexual abuse on children.

The inevitable move was precipitated by a highly critical Grand Jury statement in February which  said that the archdiocese has systematically covered up the sexually predatory actions of priests upon the children in their church and this had gone on for over 20 years.  The report also claimed that more than 37 of the priests were still on active duty.

Immediately after the Grand Jury’s report, the state had indicted five people — two priests, a former priest, a Sunday School teacher and a senior church official. Three other priests had been suspended by the Church after the report.

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