Carnivals in pictures – Brazil/ Dominica

February and March make up the carnival season for Brazil and the tiny Caribbean island of Dominica.

Carnival days are ones of shows, parties and parades on a non-stop ‘party until you drop’ basis. In Brazil’s Rio, various samba schools compete for prizes and are judged by costume and dancing skills. Then there are the street festivals – dancing and music – where everyone participates. Key party dates are:

  • March 5th 2011
  • February 18th 2012
  • February 9th 2013
  • March 1st 2014.

Dominica’s carnival season starts in February and ends with two wild ‘jump up’ days on March 7th to 8th. The scene is similar to Brazil’s, but on a smaller, less extravagant scale (though not less pleasurable). There are calypso (singing) competitions, music and beauty competitions and for the lucky girl, election to the status of Carnival Queen.

Dominica Carnival Queen 2011, Jacintha Fagan

[Art & Entertainment Contributor]

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