“I’m sorry”, says doctor after aborting a 4 month old baby in error

The Gleaner reports that a Jamaican couple  is taking the Princess Margaret Hospital, a Jamaican public hospital, to court after one of its doctors, they claim, abruptly and without warning, terminated  the wife’s pregnancy which was in its 4th month.

Although the couple are claiming the doctor apologised to them after the incident, they are understandably angry over the event.

The 26 year old married mother had gone to the hospital as she had felt unusual pain in her stomach and had wanted it stopped. The nurses had attended the mother and she had felt better afterwards, but then the doctor intervened and it seemed all went wrong thereafter when he allegedly performed the abortion.

The mother’s husband, 28 year old Mr. Josephs, had gotten worried about her treatment by the doctor and asked the doctor to explain what was going on.  However, Mr. Joseph says, the doctor seemed surprised when he had told him that Mrs. Joseph had not come in for an abortion and had allegedly apologised to Mrs. Joseph after the termination.

The hospital is denying the claim made by the Josephs and say that the whole incident was a miscommunication between the patient and the doctor, possibly because of the doctor’s accent.

[Caribbean Affairs Contributor]


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