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March 5, 2011

Women now on top in the USA

NBC’s Kate Snow explains as part of the series, “America at the Crossroads” that women are now in ascendency in the USA . It seems that America’s women are not only more educated than men, but are taking over the country’s labor force as well.

With 60% of them at work, women are now the ‘backbone’ of the US economy and make up 46% of the country’s labour force as confirmed by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. They are in 51% of the country’s managerial and professional jobs – a 26% increase from recent years and more of them are graduating from college than their male counterparts. They are the country’s prime consumers and the decision-makers for consumer goods it seems.

More than 40% of America’s women are sole earners in families and they also seem to provide a vital parenting role as well. But, the ‘glass ceiling‘ is still there and according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, they are unlikely to command the same salaries as men until 2056.

[Women’s Affairs Contributor]

March 5, 2011

Denied – no social networks for China’s apiring ‘people powerers’

Today most social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter are still banned in the People’s Republic of China as the country’s central government remains increasingly nervous of any kind of popular challenge to its authoritarian rule on its subjects. Analysts are expecting restrictions to become even more onerous in upcoming months due to the recent and ongoing ‘people power’ uprisings in the middle east and Africa.

The banning move by the government came about when on July 5th 2009, over 140 people were killed and one thousand more injured during riots in the Xinjiang province of the People’s Republic of China as a result of its brutal response to a peaceful protest for equal rights by around one thousand Uighurs, who are a Muslim ethnic minority.  Following that, as a result the Chinese government‘s  nervousness over anything to do with protesting, the aptly-named ‘People’s’ Republic’s government had responded with a block on access to foreign internet services.   YouTube , Google services including Gmail and GTalk and social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook were banned.

Today, most social networking sites today are still banned. However, some clever residents seen to get round that by using VPN services.

[Ling Sha’lin – Asia Contributor]