People power hits Brussels and catches on in Europe

EU Observer reports that Belgians now angry over the EU’s plans to stop the automatic indexing of wages and for the raising of the retirement age, are threatening to block all important public roads and transport joints to the capital, so to make the forthcoming EU Summit to put this in place, close down.

According to the members of the protest movement as interviewed by EU Observer: “The idea is that leaders can’t get in or out of the city. If the airport is shut down, if there’s no fuel for the planes, if no air traffic controllers are working, if the Eurostar is down, they can’t meet.

The protest has now caught on in France and other countries  it seems that the French General Federation of Labor is considering  joining in and so is the European Union Trade Congress and a number of other such organizations.  The protests seem to emanate from the increasingly hostile view of EU citizen members who are worried about the EU’s austerity program at home whilst it is still giving generous grants to overseas countries in Africa, the middle east, Asia Pacific and the Caribbean.

[European Affairs Contributor]


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