Aliens have landed in Sao Paolo, Brazil?

If you are concerned about life outside earth, Sao Paulo, Brazil is the place to be right now. Why? Well, according to the Telegraph’s report (click on picture to see video), aliens may well have landed in that city.

A video showing the arrival of the aliens was reported on Brazilian TV station G1 and showed a fuzzy view of an ‘alien’ craft which hovered, then beamed lights to earth and then disappeared. The video was taken by helpful motorists (who were human it seems) as they were driving on the outskirts of the city.

The city remains braced to hear the alien’s demands. Will they be friendly? And if they ask the question that aliens must ask: ‘..will you take me to your leader?’, will the Sao Paoloans automatically direct them to Mr. Obama, or the local mayor?  Let’s wait and see and hope for the people of Sao Paolo that the video is a hoax as it is most likely to be.  Anyway, watch the vid and see and let us have your views.

[UFO Contributor]


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