35,000 homeless Moscow dogs breath a sigh of relief over reprieve

AP reports that Moscow city authorities had planned to arrest the city’s estimated 26,000 stray dogs for moving on to a camp outside the city in the nearby Yaroslavl – around 150 miles northeast of the city. However, the dogs are breathing a sign of relief and tails are wagging in Moscow tonight as the authorities have decided to shelve the plans due to complaints from animal rights activists. They had complained that the dogs would have been put in harm’s way from in-fighting and disease that could proliferate in concentated situtations. Dog control has become a major problem for the city as it has around 35,000 homeless dogs who sometimes attack humans.

POPSCI reports that there is a stray dog for every 300 Muscovites and due to the hectic pace of city living, just like humans in fast-moving city life, the dogs have developed wolf-like traits shown up in increased intelligence and advanced city navigation skills – like subway use.

Researchers say that the dogs are gradually losing their domestic dog features, like spotted coats, wagging tails and instinctive friendship with humans and instead are evolving wolf-like characteristics as scavengers, guard dogs, wild dogs and beggars. The beggar dogs appear to be the most advanced. They can not only work out which humans will feed them, but also how to ride the subway to get to their target destinations.

[Russia Contributor]


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