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March 1, 2011

Steaming hot ‘Cadence- lypso’ and the rise of a pop music legend

Julie Mourillon is the creator of the new sound craze, Cadence-lypso, which is igniting the Caribbean, French and niche European music scenes. Cadence-lypso is a  fusion of Dominican and Caribbean/ Latino rhythms and has totally revolutionized the music scene in its genre and is now the main dance music of Dominica, Martinique, Guadeloupe and other French Creole Caribbean islands.

Born and raised in the Caribbean island of Dominica, Julie started getting involved in music very early in life playing with top Dominican bands of the early seventies and quickly became one of the top guitarists on the island. In 1973, he teamed up with several Dominican musician friends and moved to the neighbouring French island of Guadeloupe where they created the Group EXILE ONE and pioneered Cadence-lypso.

In 1975, Julie moved to Paris with his EXILE ONE colleagues. That same year he recorded his first solo album ‘Rock Your Bones’. The hit track ‘Pays a Moin’ shot up to number one in Dominica and other Caribbean islands. A number of musical experiences followed including the making of his own band ‘Emphasis’ and later, teaming up with some of his old colleagues giving birth to the group ”Roots of Exile”. Together, they launched a new beat dubbed Island Boogie, a fusion of cadence- lypso and North American funk and soul and toured Africa and Europe. In 1984, Julie went truly solo as a main act and since then has released 15 albums including 2 reggae albums, unleashing hits such as Aniece, Ecoutez, Piman Cho, Julianna, Trodding On, Jump Up Party, Keep the Feeling and Need U2Nite. In the following years, Julie toured Africa, Europe, the  USA, the Caribbean and the Pacific. Very much in demand as a session musician he has worked with top rap and reggae acts in Paris and Africa including Alpha Blondy as well as with top Jamaican musicians such as Cat and Rugs of Third World and more recently, superstar Jimmy Cliff.

Now, Julie’s music is being distributed by Jet Star Music, a worldwide record distribution company based in London.  ‘Jump Up Party’ is the newest offering of Julie Mourillon. It demonstrates his versatility as a composer, writer and singer. As its name suggests, it is a party album with great ambience and Julie is dishing out hot spicy Caribbean music: soca, bouyon, cadence-lypso and merengue.

Julie’s new album is scheduled for release in spring 2011 and a preview can be heard on He is planning a tour of Russia and the Baltics scheduled for later on this year.

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March 1, 2011

35,000 homeless Moscow dogs breath a sigh of relief over reprieve

AP reports that Moscow city authorities had planned to arrest the city’s estimated 26,000 stray dogs for moving on to a camp outside the city in the nearby Yaroslavl – around 150 miles northeast of the city. However, the dogs are breathing a sign of relief and tails are wagging in Moscow tonight as the authorities have decided to shelve the plans due to complaints from animal rights activists. They had complained that the dogs would have been put in harm’s way from in-fighting and disease that could proliferate in concentated situtations. Dog control has become a major problem for the city as it has around 35,000 homeless dogs who sometimes attack humans.

POPSCI reports that there is a stray dog for every 300 Muscovites and due to the hectic pace of city living, just like humans in fast-moving city life, the dogs have developed wolf-like traits shown up in increased intelligence and advanced city navigation skills – like subway use.

Researchers say that the dogs are gradually losing their domestic dog features, like spotted coats, wagging tails and instinctive friendship with humans and instead are evolving wolf-like characteristics as scavengers, guard dogs, wild dogs and beggars. The beggar dogs appear to be the most advanced. They can not only work out which humans will feed them, but also how to ride the subway to get to their target destinations.

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March 1, 2011

Commissioner power in the EU – USSR all over again?

New EU rules under the Lisbon Treaty which come into effect from today give the EU Commission’s unelected Commissioners unpredecented ‘implementing powers’. The EU Commission can now make binding laws and regulations under its ‘comitology’ procedures whereby the detailed implementation of new EU laws is effected without further consultation of the EU Parliament.

More than 100 EU’s Commission’s Committees meet each week to vote and decide on EU law implementation and under the new rules they now have  a virtual carte blanche to decide on the flavour of EU laws that affect all member states. Although by agreeing to the Lisbon Treaty, member states gave  control of  decisions on EU laws over to the Commission, it is feared that the new system will be a disaster for democracy in the EU and member states are now worried.  According to EU Observer, Daniel Gueguen, a leading public affairs consultant, said: “The reason why the new system will be worse is its increasing complexity. The commission gets more power to the detriment of member states and lobbyists”.

Previously, a simple majority of member state experts could stop a Commission proposal on a law implementation matter. It could also choose to move sensitive decisions to the level of  Council of  Ministers.  However, now  the ‘qualified majority’ will be practically impossible to achieve and the ability to move sensitive decisions up to the Council of Ministers level has been made much more difficult.

Member states, like Ireland, Greece, UK and the post-Soviet states of Eastern & Central Europe have recently expressed concern over the creeping power of the Commissioners and have been trying to get back their previous powers all to no avail. An anonymous source of EU Observer, identified as an EU Official said: “Member states woke up way too late. This is what happens when you negotiate a new treaty at 3am.” An EU Official said: “The commission is in control of the agenda and can push its own interests. It can now adopt its own proposals unless there is a qualified majority of member state experts against it.”

As a flavour of what more is to come for EU states under the control of the Commission, here is Nigel Farage, UKIP Leader’s account of ‘Who’s Who in the EU Commission’ – their CVs are interesting to say the least. [EU Affairs Contributor]

March 1, 2011

The case of the unseeming rise of Justice Irving Andre

Who is Justice Irving Andre? He is a black Canadian judge with a doctorate in law, a gold medalist in English and a receiver of the African Canadian Achievement Award and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award. What is special about Justice Andre is that he is from the Caribbean having been born in Curacao and raised in Dominica.

Dominica is a small Caribbean island, about the size of Singapore. It has a population of around 75,000. Andre was the 4th child of seven and grew up in an environment where he soon realised that education for him was the only key to achieving his dreams. The young Andre was industrious at school and after getting a US aid scholarship, he graduated with a degree in geography at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. He then went on to the USA on a scholarship to further his studies at doctoral level. However, he did not complete this degree, but instead after two years moved to Canada with his girlfriend, another Dominican, whom he had met at the university and who is now his wife.

His move to Canada was tough. Settling in, supporting a growing family he had to deliver newspapers and pamphlets over weekends to make ends meet whilst working as an office clerk. A year later, he began law studies. “ offered the promise of being able to work independently of others and being able to make a difference,” he comments.  Having qualified as a lawyer, he practised criminal law for almost ten years and was admitted to the bench in 2002 upon a distinguished record at the criminal bar.

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March 1, 2011

High Rise Resurrection CD- music power on the move

‘Resonating music power on the move’ epitomizes B&M Records, run by Maurice ‘Ranger’ Walker, former C&W employee turned producer/songwriter. His company’s motto is: ‘Nothing beats a good song” and that seems to be the case with the success of  the company’s release of the label’s third compilation CD.

The HIGH RISE RESURRECTION CD showcases an array of talent and quality songs that’s bound to strike a cord with music aficionados the world over. The CD’s 14 tracks stand on its own and the compilation is an exquisite must-have for all music lovers. Currently only available digitally via Itunes, Emusic, Rhapsody, Amazon and all leading digital sites, the groovy retro one drop rhythm is currently experiencing a battle for top honours between tracks from L.U.S.T duo Lukie D and Tony Curtis. However,  brilliant efforts by Mitch, George Nooks and veteran Prezident Brown refused to be left far behind.  British songbird Tiffany Vinyard stands tall with her reggae debut as does recordings by Isiah Mentor, Harmony, Anthony Campbell one of the UK’s biggest Artist, Kirk Davis and Bijean Gayle.

HIGH RISE RESURRECTION content was initially featured in part in the 2006 release FRESH VOICES, BIG SONGS VOL. 1, which only featured new, unknown talents. Since then the riddim has undergone tremendous transformation with added riffs, phrases and overall superior production under the spell of a veteran engineer ‘Fatta’ from Fat Eyes label fame. Local and international radio have shown love to the project with heavy rotation being achieved in the UK.

Physical CDs will be available via Stringbean International Records Distribution in the UK ( Tele 44 (0) 2086164570/07963900576). B&M Records can be contacted at