Police go ‘cookoo’ over cookies

[Anne Wilson, Arts and Current Affairs Contributor]

A cookie-selling Girl Scout Troop in Georgia, USA, were ordered by a policeman to get a peddler’s permit, or stop selling their cookies. The horrified girls had to pack up and turn away customers who were waiting to sample their delicious ware, said the girl’s Troop Leader (Troop 7984). She claims that the incident frightened the girls who thought that their customers were about to be arrested and jailed.

The Mayor has since explained that the incident was caused by an over-zealous police officer and that it was a simple misunderstanding.  He has offered the girls a pizza party and tour of the police department as a gesture.

Who will make the pizza’s, it has not yet been revealed, perhaps the ‘over-zealous’ officer? So far there has been no take-up from Troop 7984.


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